Ursula Le Guin quote

I found this great quote from the Archmage Ged in Ursula Le Guin’s “The Farthest Shore”:

“…each deed you do, each act, binds you to itself and to its consequences, and makes you act again and yet again.”

I just felt compelled to post it.


4 thoughts on “Ursula Le Guin quote

    1. earthbalm

      Do you know I was going to make a similar comment in the post? I’ll wait to see what the consequences of the first post might be first.

      1. earthbalm

        Just what I was thinking.
        But seriously…I found an even better quote about ripples on a pool and equilibrium and consequences of actions but it was much too long to post. There’s such great morality in these books. Thanks for taking the time to read the posts and comment Greg.

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