Education and Culture

I watched the TV programme about Chinese teachers teaching in the UK the other night (not for long, I had to turn off as I was beginning to raise my voice to the TV). As anybody who is actively involved in teaching in the UK state school system would expect, the Chinese teachers had a difficult time with the attitude and discipline of UK pupils. I am of the opinion (I do have some, I just don’t make many public) that problems in the UK are largely to our (and I do include myself in that “our”) culture. Whether it is an inheritance of the marauding cultural imperialism / colonialism of our past or something else I don’t know but if we rank low in Pisa scores it isn’t really the fault of schools or teachers but of the rather isolationist character of our UK culture.

“Aspiration deprivation”?


“I’m alright Jack”?


All answers on a postcard to whatever government is in charge as you read this, if you read this.


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