Earthsea Quartet

I’m loving Ursula le Guin’s “Earthsea Quartet“. I’m only in the third chapter but I’m already fascinated by the characters, the narrative and the style. Ged reminds me of Rosemary Sutcliff’s version of Cú Chulainn. I’m hoping that, at some point, he returns to his master, the Mage Ogion, to finish his apprenticeship.

The fascination of Rumi has worn off, at least for a while though I’m not sure why and I wish I’d bought the Everyman edition of the poems of Emily Dickinson (happy stuff, I know) that I’d seen in Waterstone’s for just £3.00. I’ve been doing some proper drawing stuff for the first time in 30+ years and to say that I’m out of practice / skills is an understatement.

On a blog level, thanks to everybody who has visited, commented, followed etc. to get the blog to 18,000 visits.

“Diolch yn fawr iawn”.

I’ll be adding a new page later today. It will be a glossary / dictionary of interesting words from different languages.

Hiraeth” will be there.

Puffin “Earthsea Quartet” cover. Copyright David Borgen / Puffin books.

2 thoughts on “Earthsea Quartet

  1. Hi,

    I’ve read these stories too – I think they’re brilliant. My favourite is the one called Tehanu – the last one. I’ve read it so many times now the paperback is getting a bit loose in it’s binding. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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