Olias, relaxing and re-energising

I’ve decided to have a recuperating, relaxing and re-energising day. Now school work, exterior woodwork painting, climbing up ladders or scanning books to get recycled.

I’ve taken the time to actually read the story of “Olias of Sunhillow” from the vinyl album cover I recently retrieved from the attic to send to my mate John. I hadn’t, in all the 37 years that I have owned copies of the album, realised how the story tells the narrative of the recording. “Dwi’n dwp!” The album cover is a thing of beauty (I own three copies) and I spent quite a while just looking at it and feeling the texture of the card (it has a dimpled surface). The whole thing resembles a book cover and pages.

Then I were mostly reading some of Coleman Barks’s Rumi translations. Beautiful poetry.

Olias cover art graphics.
Olias cover art graphics.
Olias cover art graphics.
Olias cover art graphics.



2 thoughts on “Olias, relaxing and re-energising

    1. earthbalm

      And that’s why I have three copies. I used to own three copies of Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith’s comic version of Robert E Howard’s “Red Nails” for the same reason. Illustration at its finest.

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