William Gibson

So, I made it through to the end of “Neuromancer” but must admit to be slightly disappointed. I was quite confused during the action sequences and could NOT get the “Matrix” trilogy out of my head. There are so many ideas in the films that seem to have their well-spring in this novel.

I’m glad that I read it though.


3 thoughts on “William Gibson

  1. For me Gibson’s most enjoyable books were the bridge trilogy ‘Virtual Light’, Idoru’ and ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ (with ‘All tomorrow’s Parties’ as my absolute favourite). I found them more down to earth and understandable than Neuromancer or Count Zero or those other earlier stories. His later stuff I found more difficult to get into too – Pattern Recognition, Spook Country and Zero History. I quite liked Spook Country by the end but it took three tries to read it. The other two were hard to get into and less enjoyable. I’ve got his latest novel out of the library at the moment (The Peripheral) but I can’t get into it at all. I’ll have to take it back before they fine me (again! ).
    Have you ever tried any Neal Stephenson – Snowcrash is a brilliant book which plays on the idea of a data virus which can affect people’s brains? Amusingly, the main character is called ‘Hiro Protagonist’!

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