The Hobbit

I’ve just finished reading (for the first time ever – gosh, I know… criminal ain’t it?) The Hobbit. Quite an enjoyable romp really. It didn’t quite set the world alight for me as it does for some readers but I would recommend reading it to everybody. It’s quite a linear narrative and thin on the kind of descriptive detail and protagonist thoughts that I like (but which send some people into boredom or put-the-book-down-ness-mode). It would probably make a good film and serve well as a foundation for some sequels (see how my mind can come up with these good ideas that nobody else has thinked of?) if there’s funding available.

Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable book!!

(I’d like to apologise for my over-use of brackets and dashes in this post.)


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit

  1. I read the Hobbit after reading Lord of the Rings and I think it led me to expect too much. If reading LOTR was to live and love in the wide open spaces of MIddle Earth then I felt that the Hobbit was to live crammed into a small kitchen cupboard.

    1. earthbalm

      I’ve not read any other Tolkien or seen any of the films so I had no expectations though I did have some preconceptions (most proved wrong). I did enjoy the book though and that’s the important thing to me. It’s great to see how your art is evolving by the way.

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