Thin Lizzy

This week I are mostly been listening to Thin Lizzy via iTunes purchases. “Jailbreak”, “Bad Reputation”, “Johnny the Fox” and “Live and Dangerous” albums to be exact. Very much an underrated band with a very much underrated songwriting frontman. To me the albums sound as good now as they did in the 70s. My favourite track of all? I keep repeat playing “Angel from the Coast” – a Brian Robertson / Phil Lynott gem from “Jailbreak”.

Jailbreak album cover by Jim Fitzpatrick
Jailbreak album cover by Jim Fitzpatrick

4 thoughts on “Thin Lizzy

  1. Excellent stuff, last year I bought a box set of six studio albums, the three mentioned here plus’, Nightlife’, ‘Fighting’ and ‘Black Rose’. Superb. I saw them live on the last proper tour with Phil for the ‘Thunder And Lighning’ album.

    1. earthbalm

      I’d have loved to have seen them live. Is “Sun Goes Down” on the “Thunder and Lightning” album? I always thought that was a particularly atmospheric song. I don’t know if it’s the transfer to iTunes format or the original production but the general sound of the albums is a little ‘flat’ despite my comments about sounding good. Classic albums though – every home should have them. Good luck with the festival gig must see you soon.

      1. earthbalm

        Mr Sykes was always played too fast for me, even back in the Tygers of Pan Tang days. Good idea though. I’d like to own all the albums on CD and vinyl (for the sleeves). As you can see, before the acoustic guitar, there was Dale, the rock guitarist!

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