CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and the MAGIC BAND – ” Safe As Milk ” Classic Album

Great album. Love “Sure ’nuff”.

The Fat Angel Sings

This is the Buddah Records’ remastered reissue of The Magic Band’s 1967 debut album, “Safe as Milk”. The reissue was released in 1999, containing the original 12 tracks, as well as 7 bonus tracks that were originally intended for the unreleased “Brown Wrapper” follow-up album. The bonus tracks were recorded about 2 months after the original release of Safe as Milk, as well as from the same sessions used to record the songs for the 1971 album “Mirror Man”.

While more conventional and accessible than Beefheart’s later work, “Safe As Milk” is still an incredible album that introduced the bluesy, idiosyncratic, and experimental groundwork that would be expanded upon in The Magic Band’s later work such as Trout Mask Replica. The non-replicable sound of the band can most easily be heard in Electricity, through the Captain’s raw, sour vocals, the constantly-changing tempo, and Samuel Hoffman’s fitting…

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