Foundation Trilogy

After finishing reading “Dune”, I went in search of “Dune Messiah” and “Children of Dune”. Thank goodness the only copies i could find were old NEL copies of the books for £1.50 each in Cardiff indoor market! I’m really not keen on where Frank Herbert took Paul Atreides / Muad’Dib next. I’d hoped the Jihad would end with the events of “The Prophet” but no…

I think I’ll invest in Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy” next.


3 thoughts on “Foundation Trilogy

  1. I really enjoyed the foundation trilogy. It was quite dry in terms of style but I really interesting too. My favourites were Foundation’s Edge and Second Foundation.

    1. earthbalm

      I’ve just started reading The Children of Dune and will begin the Foundation Trilogy when i have completed the Dune novel. Thanks for the comment. I’ll let you know how I get on with the books!

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