CROSBY STILL NASH and YOUNG – ” Four Way Harmonies ” 1968-1969 Unofficial Release

The Fat Angel Sings

Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young),
Four Way Harmonies  Unreleased Outtakes and tracks from the early years, plus a few live recordings.

Major thanks to David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young… and to the years 1968 and 1969

00:00 Our Mouse 00:18
(Crosby-Nash dialogue)
00:18 Wooden Ships 1:47
(embryonic first demo – no lyrics yet)
02:05 Laughing 4:06
(1968 Crosby demo)
06:11 Wooden Ships 4:54
(first studio take by Crosby and Stills, 1968)
11:05 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 4:48
(instrumental with bass and drums)
15:53 Marrakesh Express 2:43
(early rough mix; overdubs missing)
18:36 Guinnevere 5:01
(alternate mix)
23:37 Guinnevere 5:09
(early acoustic version)
28:46 Lady of the Island 2:50
(rough mix with discarded Crosby duet vocal)
31:36 Pre-Road Downs 3:03
(rough mix with missing chorus vocal)
34:39 Helplessly Hoping 2:37
(with full band – guitars drums and bass)
37:16 Cinnamon Girl 2:41
(1969 instrumental studio take of Neil Young’s…

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