DIRE STRAITS – ” Dire Straits ” Classic Debut Albums

Brilliant album and full of quality songs. Sultans and Waterline are the only recorded songs I’ve ever sat down and worked out note for note (except Martin Simspon’s). The middle section of Waterline is a great progression of chords. Thanks for posting.

The Fat Angel Sings


Dire Straits Start Their Studio Adventures

Dire Straits had no easy ride en route to the multi-million-selling domination of their later years. The group had to endure plenty of low-profile gigs that paid next to nothing and lots of travelling to their own shows in a van or on public transport in their formative months. But right around this time 37 years ago, the band knew they were on the right path, as they started recording their debut album at Basing Street Studios in London in February 1978.

Having had the help and support of a much-respected broadcaster and author, they now turned to a former member of the Spencer Davis Group. Writer and BBC Radio London DJ Charlie Gillett had been the early champion of DireStraits, largely creating the momentum that led to their record deal with Vertigo by playing their demos on his show.

Now, as…

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