ReBirth for iPad is On Sale! Lowest Price ever!

A must have app.

Addendum: Bought for £1.99. This will replace Rebirth that sits on my old Windows XP machine and won’t install under Windows 7 64 bit.

Thanks for the heads-up!

iPad & Technology in Music Ed

ReBirth for iPad was introduced Nov 2010 and the sale price of $2.99 is the lowest price it has been ever seen.

If these screenshots excite you I’m sure you will jump at this sale! Of course if you have any idea of what ReBirth is in the first place you will probably jump at this chance too!

For those of you not sure what this…. In short – ReBirth is software emulation of two of the major drum machines and also the 303 bass synth from the 1990’s that drove dance music (of course others used it too…. We used the 909 in many church programs back when a real drum machine was frowned on at church! Well, now that you know how old I am….)

It seems like maybe this could be used by two students on one iPad? Might be a great musical sharing app!

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