Korg Has Big News Today! New Astounding App and Sales!

Always loved Korg but I can’t play piano live.

iPad & Technology in Music Ed

Korg Module ScreenKorg has a long standing tradition of having amazing hardware synths through the years. The past few years since iPad was released Korg started releasing apps of some of that hardware. Basically giving us music production gear that used to cost thousands of dollars for a tens of dollars PLUS we are now able to lug it around in a shoulder bag to use wherever we feel so inclined – on the train, in the car, in a field, on a mountain, beside a stream…. OK – enough of THAT. Seriously though – I hauled my 88 weighted key professional keyboard out of my basement the other night to use in my concert and MAN was that thing heavy! Kong has now given me one more reason to never have to do THAT again! Plus all their apps are on a nice sale!

The Sales first –

iPolySixKORG iPolysix –…

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2 thoughts on “Korg Has Big News Today! New Astounding App and Sales!

    1. Good point but I can only play live as a solo acoustic guitarist at the moment. But then, there’s always the future!

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