Dr Who

I must admit that (visually at least) I loved the new series of Dr Who. From the start it was obvious that its flirtations with steampunk are now a full-blown marriage. I liked the new “cogs ‘n’ clocks” title sequence and the Victorian costume stylings of the support characters (obvious given the story’s Victorian setting) and the new Doctor’s outfit. I’m not sure that it will be enough to sustain my interest through a whole series but it was an enjoyable experience for me watching the opening episode.


6 thoughts on “Dr Who

  1. They do seem to be heading more and more into steampunk, which I’m very happy about. And while the execution might not be spot on, the intention of the new titles is something I love – I think the visuals are just a little bit too ’90s sfx for me. Nice to see that Victorian set of characters again too – I’m particularly fond of Strax. But I do worry that Moffat’s slipping into using familiar characters and situations as a substitute for developing strong plots.

    1. earthbalm

      HI Andrew,
      I read an article online (so it must be true) that the new titles were found on Youtube and were originally intended to be a showcase for a graphic artist. I think Mr Moffat may be inclined to spread himself thin over his many writing projects so I believe your comment about plots is bang-on. Matt Smith’s final series did not motivate me to watch at all. Story arcs are a fabulous thing but they need to be well plotted to be well realised.
      This week’s episode “Into the Dalek” trod a well-worn path. It reminded me of the STNG episode about Huw, the Borg (was it titled “I, Borg or something similar?). I was hoping that the episode would resolve some of the ‘Clara as a Dalek’ issues.
      Thanks for the post, I shall be following your blog and making time to read some of you writing.

  2. If that story about the titles is true then that’s awesome, and I will completely forgive any faults. I also think you might be right about Moffat spreading himself thin, trying to manage and write so much. But I suspect it’s also that he’s got to the top of the idea development tree and there’s no-one above him exercising editorial control, saying ‘no Steven, we don’t need another River Song plot’.

    1. earthbalm

      I think you may well be right! For me, the River Song plot has never been fully resolved. I’ll probably feel the same about clara and the Missy character. The problem for me is that I haven’t watched all of the episodes and have gaping holes in my ‘understanding’. I think Mr Capaldi will develop into a great ‘classic’ doctor. I’m hoping for more Pater Noster gang episodes. Where does the name come from? Is it an “Answer to the Doctor’s Prayers” thing?

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