The Four Agreements

Revolution Frequency

Years ago, when I was first starting out on my conscious spiritual journey, I came across a book called “The Four Agreements.” It talked about how there were four things you could agree to that would ease most of the suffering that ails us. It’s a lot like the “Give Up These Things To Be Happy” articles and posts we see from Oprah or really any other online source, except what I liked about this was its focus on what you could choose to live from, and how by focusing on these things, all ills would automatically fall away.

Most others focus on the things you must give up in order to have a better life, while this showed what you could do instead of sifting through the closet of your subconscious, and purging bad habits.

So here they are, the agreements:

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with…

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