Moral Codes of Buddhism

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Gautama buddha

Gautama Buddha (563BC-483BC) was born at Lumbini at Nepal. The origin of sorrow and suffering in human life was a thought that made him restless. He left his home and family in pursuit of the solution to this problem. He attained enlightenment or divine knowledge while he was seated in deep meditation under a tree at Gaya in Bihar, India. The tree under which Buddha attained the divine knowledge came to be known as Bodhi vriksha or the ‘Tree of enlightenment’ . Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon at Sarnath near Varanasi, India after attaining divine knowledge.

Buddhism possesses an excellent code of morals suitable to everyone.
They are:
1)The five precepts:
not to kill,
not to steal,
not to commit adultery,
not to lie and
not to take intoxicants.

2)The four sublime states:
appreciative joy and

3)The ten transcendental virtues:

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