Ewan McLennan

Most Fridays that it is broadcast, I manage to miss Transatlantic Sessions on BBC 4. I’m delighted that I managed to watch it tonight. In amongst the brilliance of all of the performers was the super-dazzlingness of Ewan McLennan. I’d never seen or heard him before (I missed him when he was at the Lyceum Folk Club in April 2012). He performed ‘Whistling the Esperanza‘ – nice arrangement on (I think) a nylon string in G sus4/4 and moving lyrics topped off with a great voice. Ignore him at your peril.

Must get me a copy of his CDs!

Photograph of Ewan McLennan copyright Ewan McLennan.
Photograph of Ewan McLennan copyright Ewan McLennan.

From his website:

Winner of several awards including the 2011BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award Ewan McLennan is an emerging folk artist that has been making headlines. His music combines traditional folk, with an inevitable focus on the music of Scotland, as well as his own self-penned songs that are receiving critical acclaim in their own right. BBC Radio 2’s Mike Harding has said of Ewan, ‘he sings beautifully, with great sincerity and great empathy, he’s terrific!’. His guitar playing, described as ‘stunning’ , is influenced by the rigour and technique from his years of studying classical guitar, while retaining a unique and compelling sound in which his immersion in folk music is evident.

His debut album,Rags & Robes, has been receiving glowing reviews. Described as ‘a collection of truly captivating songs’, it was chosen as a ‘Top Ten Album of 2010’ by MOJO and has won numerous accolades in radio and print media.

According to The Root and Branch Review Ewan ‘may well be the best singer you’ll hear all year’  while Maverick have said he is ‘quite possibly destined to become the UK’s finest folk singer!’.


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