A change around

Further to my last post about the new computer system, I struggled to get Windows 7 working with Cubase Artist 7.5 without audio crackles and pops and the like. I followed the instructions for tweaking Windows for audio (available from many different sources but all saying the same things and which also worked with XP) to no avail. Since core audio on the Mac works so well the solution was simple – Mac for audio, Windows for graphics – perfect!

The PC is now running Daz Studio 4.6 and Reality, Bryce 7.1, Hexagon 2.0, Vue 10, Paint Shop Pro 7 (yes, really) and LuxRender 1.3.1 (and Office) like a dream .

The Mac is running Cubase Artist 7.5, Komplete 9, iWorks, iBook, Garageband etc also like a dream.

Simple really (initially, too obvious for me though).




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