Denmark Street, London

Took a trip up to London on August24th to go sightseeing and visit Denmark Street aka “Tin Pan Alley” UK. I wanted to take pictures but it was raining so heavily by the time we got there that it was impossible. Perhaps I expected too much, it’s been a long time since I visited last (mid 1980s) and times really are hard for music stores in the UK but I have to admit I was disappointed. Lots of lovely Les Pauls, Telecasters and Stratocasters in the electric “department” and lots of Tanglewoods, Fenders and Crafters in the acoustic “department” but very few higher end acoustics.

Highlight for me was the Rose Morris shop and the original Shaftesbury guitars they had displayed (but not for sale). There was a Barney Kessel copy on the wall but it was mostly hidden by a shop sign.  Otherwise, I’d have asked permission and posted a photograph.

As I said, economic conditions have made for a limited range market for guitars in the places I have visited in the UK and you can’t blame store owners or buyers for this.

I did manage to get a picture taken by my son before the rain began at Marble Arch in my Lyceum Folk Club teeshirt.

Lyceum folk teeshirt spotted at Marble Arch photograph
Eejit in a Lyceum folk teeshirt spotted at Marble Arch


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