Aroundabout Music

Had the incredible fortune to visit ARoundabout Music in Cheltenham today. The has to be the absolutely nicest music store experience I’ve ever had. Tried an all solid wood Crafter GLXE 3000sk, an 80s Westone Clipper and a Dobro resonator. I’ve been visiting for years but never tried anything until today as I’ve always been passing through at a pace. Today, I talked for a long, long time to the owner and would have walked away with the Westone if only the bridge pickup had been a humbucker. I’ve included photographs of all three guitars and all three photographs are copyright Aroundabout Music. Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks for your kindness and welcome Aroundabout Music.

Westone Clipper foto
Westone Clipper copyright Aroundabout Music

Dobro foto
Dobro copyright Aroundabout Music

Crafter GLXE 3000sk
Crafter GLXE 3000sk copyright Aroundabout Music

Roundabout Music, Cheltenham
Aroundabout Music, Cheltenham