Manson’s again and Project Music

Took another trip down to Exeter today (it’s becoming something of a habit) and visited Manson’s Guitar shop and Project Music. Both stores had some fantastic stock. Began by trying a Skyland by Patrick James Eggle. Wonderful to play with a great sound strong bass response.

Then tried an Andy Manson Heron. Very lightweight and very responsive to the touch. Great tone across the strings and up and down the fretboard. Lived up to its reputation.

Later found Project Music where I tried a Lakewood M-32. This just sang and was as responsive to playing as the other two.

I’d be hard pressed to say which was the best sounding (when price is taken into consideration) and I’d have taken all three home with me if I could.



Andy Manson Heron, copyright Manson’s Guitars

PJE Skyland
PJE Skyland copyright Patrick James Eggle

Lakewood m32
Lakewood m32 copyright Lakewood Guitars