Manson’s Guitar shop and a Brook Tamar

Manson's Guitar shop, McCoy's Arcade, Exeter,UK
Manson’s Guitar shop, McCoy’s Arcade, Exeter,UK

It was just supposed to be a day out with my son. He was going to photograph the sites of Exeter and I was just going to wander around aimlessly. Except… I thought I’d pop into (the famous) Manson’s Guitar Shop. Click here for the Facebook page. Amongst all of the fantastic instruments in the shop there were two Brook guitars. I tried out both with the help of Ben M-B. The moment I picked up the Tamar, it sang to me.

Ben was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and demoed some Martin Simpson and Nic Jones tunes on the guitar. He spent ages talking to me about PRS, Fylde and Brook guitars (amongst others) and was patient despite the fact that I paid several visits to the shop throughout the day “ummmming and arrrring” about buying the guitar. He got me a capo, plugged the guitar into a Shertler “David” amp and later found a strap for me to play standing up. He even graciously agreed to pose for a photo with the guitar for this blog when asked.

Manson’s set up the guitar for Csus2 / Gsus4 over 4 tunings, gave the fingerboard an “oiling” etc.  and put on a new set of strings. I left the shop a very happy individual.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thanks Manson’s (and Ben in particular) for their patience and help and for having such  fantastic range of acoustics.

Ben M-B with my Tamar just after the set up
Ben M-B with my Tamar just after the set up

Cheers Guys!

Sad footnote: Visiting the Brook website tonight, I discovered that the world of music lost the brilliant Bob Brozman back in April. Sad news indeed.


One thought on “Manson’s Guitar shop and a Brook Tamar

  1. Ben Morgan-Brown

    Hi Dale, glad you liked the guitar and the shop, and thanks for your kind words.

    Just so you know it’s actually Andy’s brother Hugh who owns the shop; he’s the ‘electric’ side of the family, building instruments for John Paul Jones and Matt Bellamy to name just two.

    Hopefully we’ll see you again soon (don’t forget your free service!)

    Enjoy the guitar,

    Ben M-B

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