The Hobbit

I’ve just finished reading (for the first time ever – gosh, I know… criminal ain’t it?) The Hobbit. Quite an enjoyable romp really. It didn’t quite set the world alight for me as it does for some readers but I would recommend reading it to everybody. It’s quite a linear narrative and thin on the kind of descriptive detail and protagonist thoughts that I like (but which send some people into boredom or put-the-book-down-ness-mode). It would probably make a good film and serve well as a foundation for some sequels (see how my mind can come up with these good ideas that nobody else has thinked of?) if there’s funding available.

Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable book!!

(I’d like to apologise for my over-use of brackets and dashes in this post.)

God, Higgs particle and the fence

The weather has been downright lousy and I’ve been unable to complete the task of painting the exterior woodwork under the roof. Without this task and / or school work to occupy me, my mind has been left to wander (not too far, it’s only a little one). Things do occur to me and it do be concerning science.

What’s in the space between the Higgs particles? Not a new thought on this planet in the realm of science but…

I love Brian Cox’s enthusiasm for particle physics and the origins of the universe and the big bang theory and the search for the Higgs particle in the LHC (I own enough of his books and DVDs!) but…

“We know for sure the Higgs particle is there, there’s evidence that it exists, we can see its effects but we just haven’t found it yet,” sounds very much like something my mother would say about God. I’m not sure that ‘the universe conforms to laws of physics’ is true. More likely that humans interpret the nature and events of the universe as conforming to laws to help us better able to predict what will happen. I don’t know if I’m making myself clear there.

Just saying, no axe to grind with anybody. I’m just sitting on the fence, as usual. Science and religion are not so far apart really and both can be equally beautiful in their interpretations. Truth probably lies somewhere in between or far, far outside. Neither religion or science may be correct but it can be useful to think of both as correct.

Perhaps I ought to stick to posting about art and poetry and music? Without a physical activity to occupy me, my tiny brain is sure to wander again.

I apologise if I have misunderstood anything about either particle physics or God.

Peace. Love and Prosperity (as I used to post in the old Earth Balm days).

Here’s an addendum:

Addendum to the addendum:

Please understand that there is no criticism of Brian Cox, implied or otherwise. The guy is a fantastic educator, very clear and very enthusiastic. As I said, I have many of his books and DVDs.

Thin Lizzy

This week I are mostly been listening to Thin Lizzy via iTunes purchases. “Jailbreak”, “Bad Reputation”, “Johnny the Fox” and “Live and Dangerous” albums to be exact. Very much an underrated band with a very much underrated songwriting frontman. To me the albums sound as good now as they did in the 70s. My favourite track of all? I keep repeat playing “Angel from the Coast” – a Brian Robertson / Phil Lynott gem from “Jailbreak”.

Jailbreak album cover by Jim Fitzpatrick
Jailbreak album cover by Jim Fitzpatrick

John @ Red Cow Music, York

Thanks to John (originally from Bristol and now manning Red Cow Music in York) for his time and conversation today. I played a fantastic all solid-wood mahogany Faith guitar in several different tunings. An incredible guitar at any price but more so at the price in store. I have visited the store a few times but this was the first time I’ve sat down and demoed a guitar. Not just a guitar store, they have a great range of folk instruments available. Very much like the HobGoblin franchise but fully independent!

I’ll visit again at the end of summer when I return to York.