Measuring the heavens — Calmgrove

A post I wrote recently for Witch Week explored one aspect of Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Theory of Binary Opposites, namely that of the nasty and irredeemably dastardly antagonist. Because the week’s theme was Villains I dealt rather less with the figure on the other side of the continuum, the relatively innocent protagonist. In fantasy fiction written […]

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Pattern seeking — Calmgrove

Every so often I put up a post drawing together themes, or characters, or places. As we approach a turning point in the year — in this case, the end of 2019 — it is tempting to start a summative series of posts. But I shall resist that impulse, reserving such an approach for December. […]

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#WitchWeek2019: When shall we all meet again? — Calmgrove

Well, the world has survived another Witch Week. Lizzie and Chris couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone who participated: Laurie of Relevant Obscurity, for her terrific post about that ice-hearted Narnian witch, Jadis, not to mention her perceptive contributions to our discussion of DWJ’s Cart & Cwidder Sari of The View from […]

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A penny for the guy — Lizzie Ross

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! To wind up Witch Week, we’re exploring a political fantasy by Diana Wynne Jones appropriate to this day of “gunpowder treason and plot“. Head over to Calmgrove to read our discussion of Cart & Cwidder. If you’ve read it, please join in. And remember, remember, the 5th of November!

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#WitchWeek2019 Day 6: Cart and Cwidder — Calmgrove

When their father, a travelling minstrel is killed, three children involved in rebellion and intrigues inherit a lute-like cwidder with more than musical powers. — From the first edition of Cart and Cwidder, Macmillan 1975 You’ll by now be aware that Witch Week takes its title from a novel of the same name, ostensibly for […]

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#WitchWeek2019 Day 5: Sinister Relations — Calmgrove

Jean Lee is a blogger, author and massive fan of Diana Wynne Jones. Jean was an obvious choice, therefore, for inviting to participate in this event as one of DWJ’s books was the principal inspiration for it, and we’re very grateful she responded so enthusiastically! She has chosen to focus on one of Jones’ most […]

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#WitchWeek2019 Day 4: Baked in a pie — Calmgrove

Today’s Witch Week guest post is by Sari Nichols, who tweets as Armchair Scholar and blogs at The View from Sari’s World and at The Groundling’s Guide to Shakespeare. Her expertise suggested her as an ideal guide to Shakspearean villains. As Kipling wrote, “The female of the species is deadlier than the male,” and that […]

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