Music from France – Orange Blossom


Thanks for posting this excellent piece. Will check them out via the usual sources.

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Orange Blossom is a worldmusic Band from Nantes/France founded 1993. Their sound is  a mix of electronic music with arabic influences . In November 2014 they´ve released their new album “Under the shades of violet” the song “Habibi” is from their 2005 album “Everything must change ”

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We took our eldest back to University last weekend and thought we’d visit Leeds whilst we were ‘up north’. Fantastic city which we loved! Massive market full of all things ‘market’. A great Hobgoblin Music, a gem in the form of Northern Guitars and a very nice Waterstones plus side streets full of interesting shops. All this and a wonderful Sikh march through the city, midday.

Really friendly and pleasant people too!

Definitely a city I’d like to visit again and soon.


Despite being an avid sf-fi reader in my early to late teens, I’ve never read Frank Herbet’s “Dune”. I bought a copy in Waterstones, York on the weekend and I’m loving it! Can see where a lot of my favourite 70s texts were born – Howard Chaykin’s “Ironwolf” in Weird Worlds is the most blatant example but I can see it in Star Wars and much of Robert Heinlein’s middle and later works.

Recommended and I wish I’d read it when I was younger and could absorb more in one sitting.

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Four By Four For Four, Part II

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Part II

beethoven4altLudwig van Beethoven, the great deaf one, is an absolute giant in the history of music.  Some label him a Classical composer, including him in the great Viennese school with Haydn and Mozart.  Others call him the first great Romantic composer.  Many history texts deal with Beethoven in a class by himself, starting with one foot in the Classical era. With the other foot he shatters the conventions of the Classical era, laying the foundation for the next generation of musical Romantics.  Whatever chapter you want to include old grumpy Ludwig in, his musical genius is a looming shadow over everyone who has tried to write music since.  His string quartets are a foundation of the chamber music repertoire.

Beethoven wrote cycles of piano sonatas, symphonies, and string quartets among many other masterpieces.  Piano was his main instrument, and many of his innovations were first worked out in…

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Kontakt 5

Currently working on Kontakt 5 templates and multis for arrangements in Cubase. Still trying to find ways of using the Koan X Pro content I found on an old hard drive but having no luck, sometimes the software works, mostly it doesn’t. Meanwhile, here’s a rather fetching shot of the Vintage AFD guitar:

Photograph of Vintage AFD guitar.
Vintage AFD guitar.
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Shaftesbury Barney Kessel


First electric I ever owned was one of these. Would still like to own one!

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This is beautiful example of the Shaftesbury Barney Kessel. These were made in Japan in the late sixties to early seventies as an affordable version of the poular Gibson model.

The Shaftesbury sports a slimmer neck and lower frets while maintaining the gorgeous cherry sunburst finish, sharp double cutaway and bow-tie inlays.

Our version also proudly displays the wooden string dampener behind the bridge with our trademark flowing S logo. Truly a showstopper.

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