Mike Podesta, Cardiff PMT

Went to Cardiff this morning, PMT had its opening day and Mike Podesta is the manager. Result!

Already a thriving chain of stores, having Mike in charge of the Cardiff branch should see them conquer the principality.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

PMT Music Cardiff

The new PMT Music store opens in Cardiff tomorrow and I’ll be visiting. I won’t be able to buy anything as I spent some money on plug-ins in the Black Friday sales and I have enough music equipment anyway. Hopefully, I’ll find Mike Podesta managing the store. I’ll let you know!

Kelvin L Smith

I took a trip down to my parents today and discovered a tape cassette of tracks that I had recorded back in 1991 with Kelvin L Smith guitarist and ambient musician. I’ve lost contact with Kelvin even though I live just a few miles from him. Work commitments mean that I am virtually a recluse as far as local musicians and music go. It’s very much like Bill Nelson’s current work with Pink Floyd-like touches. My guitar work is very major / minor pentatonic but it’s a good prelude to the Earth Balm work in many ways. I’ll be archiving it to the Mac shortly (whilst I work on school planning of course).

Midnight is a Place

I finished reading the Joan Aiken book “Midnight is a Place’ this morning. It’s an absolutely brilliant book, teeming with ideas about freewill, social pressure and individual morality. It instantly became my favourite Joan Aiken book, which is some achievement because it is in such quality company. The power of great children’s fiction. For me, these books are just as inspirational as books on spirituality or biographies.


PMT Professional Music Technology and Mike Podesta

Paid a visit to Cardiff today and discovered that PMT (Professional Music Technology) music stores are opening up a branch in the capital (of Wales). Brilliant! They are a fantastic chain (although I’ve only purchased from Bristol before now) and the presence of 4 musical instrument outlets in Cardiff is bound to bring more musicians to Cardiff.

I later paid a visit to Cranes Music (one of my very favourite stores) and asked the whereabouts of manager Mike Podesta, as I haven’t seen him there for a while. I was told that he’s going to be the manager of PMT. Double fabulous!

I shall continue to be a customer of Cranes and Gamins and PMT. Win! Win! in the musical instrument purchases department.

Continuing to think about the victims of the events in Paris.

Cranes Music Store, Cardiff
Cranes Music Store, Cardiff
Mike Podesta with 81 Ibanez Blazer
Mike Podesta with my 81 Ibanez Blazer
Photograph of PMT music store, Bristol.
Photograph of PMT music store, Bristol.

Captain Grose

My copy of the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dictionary-Vulgar-Tongue-Francis-Grose/dp/1482340046 finally arrived from an eBay purchase today and some of it certainly is vulgar – more vulgar than I anticipated. I think it will be an excellent resources (for what I’m not sure). I’m just waiting for “Limbo Lodge” to arrive so that I might continue with the “Wolves of Willoughby Chase” series by Joan Aiken. However, I am content with “Midnight is a Place” also by Joan Aiken at the moment (though book marking is affecting my regular reading).


Added Sunday Nov 8th @ 08.07 a.m.: No “croopus” in this dictionary!

Oh croopus!

Night Birds have flown

I’ve just finished reading Joan Aiken’s “Night Birds on Nantucket”. It’s most definitely my favourite of the “Wolves of Willoughby Chase” sequence of books that I have so far read. It’s full of great escapist touches. It reminds me a little of John Masefield. Due to the marking of maths and language books, I don’t have time to post at length but there’s so much to love in the book – Dido Twite, Nate and his bird “Mr Jenkins”, the pink whale and Captain Casket and the “rum uns” who are on Nantucket to “do some skullduggery”.


I need to find a copy of “Limbo Lodge” next!

Update: As soon as I finished the initial post, I strolled over to Ebay and bought a copy.

Back to work

Yes, it’s back to work tomorrow and the start of the run up to Christmas. Great time of year, concerts to prepare with much acting singing and dancing (and that’s just the staff). I’ve really enjoyed this half term and swapping ideas about texts and art and music. Of course, I’ll have to go all quiet again until the Christmas break. See you then and thanks for the fun I’ve had this last week.