Jack Tomalin Purgation

Another Platinum Club anniversary at Daz 3D and another fantastic Jack Tomalin product- Purgation! I could tell it was a JT product even from the thumbnail in the Daz 3D email – such fantastic attention to detail. His back catalogue is also reduced for now. Find it here. I’m bound to succumb to temptation and buy even though I don’t have the money.

Purgation 3D model by Jack Tomalin from Daz 3D. Copyright Daz 3D and/or Jack Tomalin 2017.

Martin Simpson @ St David’s Hall

Off to see the fantastic Martin Simpson tonight at the St David’s Hall, Cardiff – with bassists Andy Long and Matt Cohen (of the Tim Crahat Band and Ghost Community, respectively).  Looking forward to good music and good company. Hopefully, MS will be showcasing many songs from the new album but also playing some of the masterpieces from past albums. Don’t get excited very often but I’m fit to bust for this.


James Marshall Hendrix

18th September 1970, Jimi Hendrix was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital in London at the age of 27 after choking on his own vomit. Hendrix left the message ‘I need help bad man’, on his managers answer phone earlier that night. Rumors and conspiracy theories grew up around Hendrix’s death. Eric […]

via JIMI HENDRIX – Died 18th September 1970 — The Fat Angel Sings

Bandcamp files

I have some 20+ audio ready files to begin the Earth Balm Bandcamp page. They are mastered at ACC levels ready for Bandcamp’s audio processing. I’ve almost finished the artwork for the cover of an EP of 5 tracks. They are not really representative of the majority of my tracks but they served as a quick and easy way in to give me the kick that I needed to start again.

More when the tracks are uploaded and ready.

Thanks for reading.

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