More Pedals

Received two more foot pedals today (via Ebay) for my guitar pedalboard. Both in the same auction and both ‘manufactured’ by Tom’sLine Engineering (they are probably ‘badge engineered’ so could possibly be from the same factory as my Mooer but I’m not sure). They are an ‘Ocean Verb’ and a ‘Vintage Overdrive’. The ‘Ocean Verb’ has a shimmer option which seems to create quite a large ‘tail’ on the reverb – very nice on some settings an a little over the top on others. The ‘Vintage Overdrive’ doesn’t really have a lot of distortion but with the gain turned down and the volume turned up adds some valve character and a volume boost.

Very nice indeed.


Classic Vibe Telecaster® Custom

I tried out a couple of Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom guitars today, one in PMT, Cardiff and the other in Gamlins, Cardiff. Both were very nice guitars, great value for money and the correct sound especially with a little delay and flanger (MXR) in the signal path. Just right for my Andy Summers phase!  Arriving home, I realised I can get exactly the same sound with the phase switch engaged on my Ibanez Blazer BL350 but it would be nice to have the correct ‘look’. I thought I might try to sell off some more of my unused guitars and spend the money on one of these ‘Teles’.

I also tried out a Japanese built Fender Telecaster® Custom too (in PMT) but it didn’t feel as easy to play, the action was a little higher and the neck felt a little larger.

As a slight aside, I hope the two musical instrument stores and any other still operating in South Wales (and elsewhere) can continue to operate but the customer base seems to be shrinking.

Chinese made Fender Squier Telecaster® Custom

Andy Summers

One of my favourite guitarists is Andy Summers and I’ve recently been working on improving my playing of his Police era style ‘guitaring’ to add texture to my Earth Balm re-recording and new track work. I admire the palm muting, chord voicing, tone, effects use and the philosophy of ‘less is more’ in the work. I might even invest in some Mooer effects pedals to model his sound (no, he doesn’t use or endorse them but they are a cost effective way to get his trademark sound). The Elec Lady (now I believe called the E Lady) is particularly good.


Taking a break from taking a break

Thought I’d just take break from taking a break from the blog and just post that music and graphics for the CD are moving at pace. Getting to know Logic and Daz Studio and Photoshop (Elements) very well now. I’ve ditched the idea of drawing and painting the physical artwork by hand as I don’t have the hours required to acquire efficient skills. I will be investing in a set of Rode M5 microphones shortly, to record acoustic guitar solos, in addition to my ‘band’ style work.

I also have to mention that I’ve begun reading my first ever Terry Pratchett novel (Unseen Academicals – not the best Discworld novel with which to begin ((it’s the 37th)) but it was a bargain hardback, in a charity shop, in Monmouth). My kind of (brilliant) author! There’s some clever wordsmithery going on and some well realised character development. I haven’t laughed out loud quite so much with a book before now!



Back to the music!