I’ve had several emails from Smiths Micro about Escape Motions’ Amberlight and on my birthday last Friday I finally treated myself. It was about £7 after tax was added (big spender). I love messing about with it and may even treat myself to Flame Painter or Rebelle (both significantly more expensive) from the same company.

Here’s what it did to a Reality / Lux render-in-process from Daz Studio 4.9:



Music Memos

I’ve just downloaded a relatively new IOS app from the App store to my school iPad. Apple says you can record musical ideas and play them back with a backing band. Whilst the claims might be a little exaggerated, the results were impressive.

I played a capoed up alternative tuning version of “Down by the Riverside” and the software correctly identified the chords and provided a workable backbeat and bassline. Very nice!

Find out more here:


AER acoustic amps

I popped into Cardiff for a couple of hours yesterday (boy was it quiet) and visited the usual places: PMT, Cranes and Gamlins music stores. All three has some great instruments for sale but in PMT I tried a Faith an AER acoustic amp. The amp had few buttons and dials but was very versatile none-the-less. The treble and bass separation was excellent and the treble had genuine acoustic high end. Of course, the guitar will have played its part too. It’ll take a good 6 months to a year of saving but I think I’ll go with an AER for my acoustic guitar.