The Birthday League — Calmgrove

Remembering a piece of advice that a sailor had once given her, [Dido] said to the boy, “When’s your birthday? Mine’s the first of March.” ‘When you talk to a savage or a native,’ Noah Gusset had said, ‘always tell him some secret about yourself — your birthday, your father’s name, your favourite food — […]

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December 21 2018 – the solstice — The Science Geek

This year, the northern hemisphere winter solstice will fall on 21 December in Britain. On this date there are the fewest hours of daylight and the Sun is at its lowest maximum elevation. The origin of the word solstice is from two Latin words: sol, which means Sun, and sistere, to stand still. At the time of the winter […]

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#Author #Interviews: #IndieAuthor @wezlo on #family, #faith, #fantasy, & #photography in the #writinglife — Jean Lee’s World

Reverend Wesley Allen is a delightful friend and fellow indie writer with a new book, In the Land of the Penny Gnomes. Today we discuss our mutual love of writing fantasy, balancing family and the writing life, and more. On Family I love this line from your “about” page on your site, Painfully Hopeful: “I hope that I […]

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The affectionate author — Calmgrove

E Nesbit: New Treasure Seekers Puffin Classics 1982 (1904) The well-meaning but accident-prone Bastable siblings are given another outing by Edith Nesbit, following on from the success of The Story of the Treasure Seekers (1899) and The Wouldbegoods (1900). We reacquaint ourselves with the ‘anonymous’ author Oswald, with all his familiar malapropisms and self-proclaimed modesty, along with his […]

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A wolfish vampire in Wapping — Calmgrove

The illustrations above depict Claire Sennegon in 1837 and, in a self-portrait, Christen Købke in 1832, both of whom I imagine Sophie and twin brother Simon might have resembled in the mid-1830s when Dido Twite finally reconnected with them in London. Simon of course was a talented artist while Sophie was equally adept at taking […]

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Hideaway Studio Proudly Presents: The String Collection II… —

As with all of my Kontakt instruments, the ethos behind them is not so much an attempt to capture and recreate the past but an opportunity to present the original source material as textures, elements and building blocks in order to create something new. At the same time, hopefully some of the original beauty and […]

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The world of Dido’s Pa — Calmgrove

The illustration is of The Wolf and Fox Hunt (about 1616) by Rubens in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (image: public domain) Another piece in the series of posts of one of Joan Aiken’s Wolves Chronicles In Dido and Pa much time is spent in the East End of London, in the docklands […]

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