Ebay again

First wave of music gear sold and posted via eBay. Tomorrow the first wave of guitars end. The next wave of guitars will be sent for auction over the weekend. It’s a liberating feeling knowing that some of this ‘clutter’ has gone.

Encore Str*t style guitar

Encore Str*t style guitar

Vintage AFD Paradise Guitar

Vintage AFD Paradise Guitar

MAVIS STAPLES and Friends – ” The Weight ” at Newport Folk Festival


Third time I’ve tried re-blogging this. Great video, great song. Robbie Robertson at his writing best.

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Mavis Staples and band with help from Norah Jones and Taylor Goldsmith performs the Bands song “The Weight” at the Newport Folk Festival last Sunday with a mixture of Gospel Country and Blues close to an unforgettable performance  celebrating her 75th birthday.

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I’ve just found this on an old hard drive. I don’t know if I’ve posted it elsewhere on this blog. Here goes anyway…

Right to left: Marc (bass), Rob (drums) and myself (guitar) at PC Food and Drinks Factory, Caerphilly. Probably 1986ish. Click to view large!

Born Sinners foto. Caerphilly 1986.

Born Sinners foto. Caerphilly 1986.


Sonokinetic, my favourite sample instrument set company by far has posted news of a new magazine they have produced. Available in pdf or iOS form, I already have my pdf file downloaded.

The link is here: http://www.sonokinetic.net/sonozine/

Sonozine graphic copyright Sonokinetic.

Sonozine graphic copyright Sonokinetic.

ELVIS COSTELLO – ” My Aim Is True ” Released 37 years ago today

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A true classic and a landmark album released on the 22nd July 1977 Costello’s debut album has been listed as one of the best debut of all time. recorded at Pathway studios in Islington late at night sessions taking approximately 24 hours to record it was also the first of five consecutive albums produced by Nick Lowe. Costello had been performing his songs in clubs and pubs in liverpool he had cut some demos and sent them to various labels with no success, He had been asked by Stiff Records to record some demos for the possibility of being a songwriter for Dave Edmunds but Edmunds was reluctant, Costello at this time was still working his day job as a data clerk, The label had Costello and the band Clover record to show his songs off but decided to release the songs as his first album, the first two singles…

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The ebay big sell off of music gear has begun. Search for guitarznartz to find out what is going!


temporary absence

I thought the summer break would be a great time to catch up on some posting. However, already, after just two days, I can see that the opposite is going to be true.

For the last eight years I’ve had the goal of spending my retirement finally playing the acoustic guitar and performing around the UK. But, this iBooks bug has bitten me deeply and I’d like to take some time to work on multimedia books using the software tools and resources I already have. I should also face the fact that I will probably always be a better electric guitarist than an acoustic guitarist!!

Since 2000 I’ve used the Earth Balm moniker and whilst I don’t wish to surrender it or distance myself from it (I’m proud of most of the original music I produced) I would like a fresh start.

What I’m going to do next I’m not sure but I will be taking the time to think long. hard and sensibly about it.

Meanwhile, good health and prosperity to everybody. Pray for peace!



I’ve just begun a new blog about my adventures in the wonderful world of the British education system. You can find it here. There isn’t much to read there yet but it will evolve over this summer break.

Please do visit!


More Straight Eight

Fantastic late 70s / early 80s band Straight Eight have now made several videos available on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclBNmu2smI_vib_7NzhWAw. Included is a video compilation from Dingwalls in 1980 which features snippets of many of the band’s great songs.

Here the (current) full list:


Straight Eight – Tell me if you wanna bleed

I’ve posted a few times about 70s / 80s band Straight Eight. I’d never seen them play live but frontman / main songwriter Rick Cassman very recently posted a video of the song “Tell me if you wanna bleed”. Here it is in its full glory:



Rick, if you have any more, please post them!