Cerys Matthews

I’m currently listening to Cerys Matthews’s  radio show “The Wonderful World of Cerys Matthews” on BBC radio 2. Tonight’s show has a fantastic range of music that she has tied into the life of the truly great Nina Simone. Listen in and give your ears a treat!

JT Marrakesh Souks.

I finally bought Jack Tomalin’s Marrakesh Souks in the Mid month PA sale on Daz 3D yesterday. The detail on the model is fantastic. I am currently rendering in Luxrender via Reality and will post the result when it is finished.

The item is back to full price now but will probably be reduced again when jack’s work finally appears in the full Premier Artist sale.


Picture of Marrakesh Souks by Jack Tomalin. Copyright Jack Tomalin.

Picture of Marrakesh Souks by Jack Tomalin. Copyright Jack Tomalin.

MARC BOLAN – Died on this day 16th September 1977


One of the kings of pop! Simple songs at their finest.

Originally posted on The Fat Angel Sings:


On this day today 16th September 1977, 29 year old Marc Bolan the lead singer and songwriter guitarist of Glam rock band T.REX was killed instantly when his Purple Mini Clubman car driven by girlfriend Gloria Jones left the road and hit a tree in Barnes South West London it was two weeks before Marc’s 30th birthday, the couple were on their way back to Bolan’s home in East Sheen Richmond only a mile away after a night out at a Mortons restaurant in Mayfair London. Miss Jones broke her jaw and broke her arm in the accident, neither had their seatbelts on Marc’s home was looted shortly afterwards. Fellow band member Steve Currie also died in a car accident 4 years later and percussionist Mickey Finn died of liver related problems in 2003.

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Mid month Daz

Jack Tomalin is part of the mid month Daz premier artist sale. Link here.


I’ve deleted the Gear page this morning. It was originally intended as a means of sharing information about what I use to create music and images but developed into a “look what I’ve got” inventory. Not a nice trait on my part so it’s gone!

Tommy Emmanuel Rig Rundown



Zak Ebrahim on TED

I watched this, moved emotionally right from the beginning of the talk. A brave man who speaks the truth with experience.



Last weekend I used some of the credit I’ve raised selling my unwanted guitars and recording gear to buy a used Nikon D3100. It’s been a long time since I’ve owned an SLR and this is the first time I’ve owned a DSLR (albeit an entry level camera). I’m looking forward to being able to record images I can use to create and promote media. I’ve had to slow down work on the iBook and remixing while my new class settles in and I gauge how to teach them but I am still working on my projects and looking forward to (eventually) freeing them out into the big wide world.

Photograph of a Nikon D3100 camera.

Photograph of a Nikon D3100 camera. Copyright unknown.

Jack T

Daz is certainly keeping us waiting on tip toe for Jack Tomalin’s appearance in the Premier Artist promotion. Two weeks gone and not a glimpse or whiff of Jack’s items. I’ve looked at other similar products as they have appeared but nobody else seems to get the level of detail or the realism that Jack does. His attention to correct scale in the textures seems to be one of the things that sets his work apart, that and using textures for models rather than procedurals.

Here’s one of Jack’s own renders of his product “Sacrament”.

Picture of "Sacrament" by and copyright Jack Tomalin.

“Sacrament” by and copyright Jack Tomalin.

Live Session on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM

Originally posted on Andy Long Bass Player:

On Wednesday 10th September (which is tomorrow as I write) the Tim Crahart Blues Band will be playing a live session on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM.

We will be appearing on ‘Soul Of The Blues’, presented by Jeremy Rees between 2100-2200.

We are planning to play a couple of our favourite tracks from the first two albums and something special from the forthcoming album ‘Blues Like A Prayer’.

Hope you can join us.


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