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temporary absence

I thought the summer break would be a great time to catch up on some posting. However, already, after just two days, I can see that the opposite is going to be true.

For the last eight years I’ve had the goal of spending my retirement finally playing the acoustic guitar and performing around the UK. But, this iBooks bug has bitten me deeply and I’d like to take some time to work on multimedia books using the software tools and resources I already have. I should also face the fact that I will probably always be a better electric guitarist than an acoustic guitarist!!

Since 2000 I’ve used the Earth Balm moniker and whilst I don’t wish to surrender it or distance myself from it (I’m proud of most of the original music I produced) I would like a fresh start.

What I’m going to do next I’m not sure but I will be taking the time to think long. hard and sensibly about it.

Meanwhile, good health and prosperity to everybody. Pray for peace!



I’ve just begun a new blog about my adventures in the wonderful world of the British education system. You can find it here. There isn’t much to read there yet but it will evolve over this summer break.

Please do visit!


More Straight Eight

Fantastic late 70s / early 80s band Straight Eight have now made several videos available on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCclBNmu2smI_vib_7NzhWAw. Included is a video compilation from Dingwalls in 1980 which features snippets of many of the band’s great songs.

Here the (current) full list:


Straight Eight – Tell me if you wanna bleed

I’ve posted a few times about 70s / 80s band Straight Eight. I’d never seen them play live but frontman / main songwriter Rick Cassman very recently posted a video of the song “Tell me if you wanna bleed”. Here it is in its full glory:



Rick, if you have any more, please post them!

Yamaha Mobile Apps go Free!

Originally posted on iPad and Technology in Music Education:

Whoa… this is quite the sale on Yamaha Mobile apps. I’ve got to say that I’ve never tried any of these but I had to let you know about the sale at least… Check this post out over at Discchord.com


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Summer Break

I am so looking forward to being able to work on some music / book / media over this summer break. It all begins tomorrow.

Yabba dabba doo!

Capture for iPad Arrives – Drop Dead Simple App to Record With!


The Presonus software and hardware is always good quality stuff. Studio One free is a great Mac / Windows programme. I’ll be getting this immediately!
Thanks for posting.

Originally posted on iPad and Technology in Music Education:

Capture LargePresonus released a new app today that has high potential to make things simpler for us musicians. There are also a few things missing from the app that would make it a home run with everyone.

WHAT CAPTURE IS: The purpose of this app currently is simple – it gives you a super simple way to record with your iPad. This gives you a mobile recording studio that you can then take back to the computer and edit further.

WHAT CAPTURE ISN’T: A stand-alone recording app. It also is NOT a recording app to record from other iPad apps.

The app is Capture and it comes in two flavors – the FREE Version (Capture Duo Small IconPreSonus Capture Duo) and the $9.99 Version (Capture Small IconPresonus Capture). The only difference between the two is how many tracks you can record – free=2 tracks, not free=32 tracks. This is present #1 – by offering…

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The Crisis in South Sudan

Originally posted on Andy Long Bass Player:

 You may have caught one or two news reports in recent weeks covering the current problems that are facing the world’s youngest country, South Sudan.

The Disasters Emergency Committee have sounded an alarm, stating that they currently have less than half the money they need to help prevent the growing food crisis in South Sudan turning into a catastrophe.

South Sudan came into existence as an independent state in 2011. As a country they face crippling poverty and a fragile harvests. The current food insecurity stems from the conflicts that have been ongoing since last December between factions of the ruling party. The resulting violence and bloodshed has displaced many farmers, making planting and harvesting impossible. Over one and a half million people have been displaced and a high percentage of these have fled to neighbouring countries.

International food crisis experts working together as IPC Partners have said that if…

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Cosi Fan Tutte

I saw this on Sky arts this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it: