Off to York for a few days to check it out before my eldest moves there to study History in September.

Dr Who

I must admit that (visually at least) I loved the new series of Dr Who. From the start it was obvious that its flirtations with steampunk are now a full-blown marriage. I liked the new “cogs ‘n’ clocks” title sequence and the Victorian costume stylings of the support characters (obvious given the story’s Victorian setting) and the new Doctor’s outfit. I’m not sure that it will be enough to sustain my interest through a whole series but it was an enjoyable experience for me watching the opening episode.

Picture of Dr Who characters "The Paternoster Gang". Copyright BBC Wales.

Picture of Dr Who characters “The Paternoster Gang”. Copyright BBC Wales.


I must admit that although I try to spend as little money as possible these days, whenever a Jack Tomalin product comes up for a reduced-price sale on Daz 3D, I  feel impelled to buy it. Latest offer is on Invertero. The price worked out as just over £6 sterling. I loaded it into Daz Studio 4.6 straight after download and I am currently rendering it in LuxRender via Reality. The level of detail is amazing. Jack puts such an incredible amount of work into his models. I’ll post the finished render as soon as possible.

Image of Invertero, copyright Jack Tomalin.

Image of Invertero, copyright Jack Tomalin.


Earlier today I added a page for Ukiyo-e to the blog. I’d like to post this photograph of an original woodblock (attributed to  Utagawa Yoshiiku) that I found on Wikipedia.

Photograph of Japanese woodblock. Believed to be in the public Domain.

Photograph of Japanese woodblock. Believed to be in the public Domain.

Martin Simpson at Stefan Sobell’s

A BBC video of Martin Simpson talking guitars at Stefan Sobell’s guitar workshop.



I much prefer the English / European sound of the Sobell to the American sound of the PRS. Just my personal preference. I think it suits Martin’s playing more.



Pilot Parallel Pen

I have just seen these pens for the first time on Youtube. I will be getting one as soon as possible:

Goodbye Deviantart

I’ve deleted my account at Deviantart. There’s some fantastic work on the site but despite setting the content filter to its safest, there’s still a lot of ‘adult’ content that appears. Not a big deal for those that want it or don’t mind but not something I want to have access to.

Does anybody know of any similar sites with more effective on-site filtering?


I find these walking machines absolutely fantastic.

Some videos:


Robin Williams

I was very, very sorry to hear of the passing of Robin Williams. Whatever his personal life problems were he was a fine actor and not just a comic actor. his performance in “Good Will Hunting” is probably my favourite by any actor anywhere, anytime. Rest in Peace and God bless Mr Williams.

Photograph of Robin Williams (RIP). Copyright Getty Images.

Photograph of Robin Williams (RIP). Copyright Getty Images.

Copyright etc

WordPress is not letting me re-blog at the moment, don’t know why.

This is interesting reading:


The whole topic of artists’ and creators’ rights is one of the reasons why I can see little point in working on my music at the moment.